Chase Roof Coating Petersburg VA

Replacing your commercial roof is expensive, time-consuming and can disrupt your business. So why replace your roof if you don’t have to? A high-quality roof coating applied by experienced professionals can significantly extend the lifespan of your roof! If you are in Petersburg, Virginia or the surrounding area, call Chase Roofing today for a free roof inspection and find out what your options are.

Call our friendly and knowledgeable team members at 757-276-1110, we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Chase Roofing – Diligent and Honest

Chase Roofing never makes promises it can’t keep. Call us at 757-276-1110 and our experienced roofing professionals will conduct a free roof inspection and let you know if your roof is eligible for a roof coating.

If you are considering restoring your current roof, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you choose a trusted roofing contractor
  • Don’t expect a roof coating to solve all of your roofing problems – it cannot fix a roof that is way past its service life
  • A good roofing contractor can use a roof coating to repair a moderately-aged roof
  • Remember to have regular roof inspections
  • Don’t neglect routine maintenance – this is the quickest way to invite roofing problems

Conklin – Your Best Choice in Roof Coatings

The team at Chase Roofing is the best around.  Because we are the best, we only use the best products for our valued clients.  This is why we use Conklin products.  Applied by our factory-trained roofing personnel, market-leading Conklin coatings:

  • Create a seamless membrane over your roof that shields against leaks, lashing rains, hurricane-force winds, thunderstorms, snow, fire, and mechanical impact
  • Extend your roof’s life by 20-25 years
  • Lower annual A/C energy bills by up to 30% by reflecting up to 85% sunrays
  • Make you eligible for tax cuts through energy savings
  • Minimize maintenance costs and hassles
  • Do not count as an additional layer in building codes and do not add weight to your roof
  • Pay for themselves in 5-7 years
  • Can eliminate the need for roof replacement

At Chase Roofing, we have built our strong reputation from exceptional workmanship, courteous customer service and our use of top-grade Conklin roofing products – all delivered within the tightest of budgets and deadlines.

If you are in Petersburg, Virginia, or the surrounding area, call the professionals at Chase Roofing today! With over 20 years of commercial roofing experience, it’s no wonder the Chase Roofing name means value! You can reach us at 757-276-1110.  We look forward to your call.