Commercial Roofing Companies Norfolk, Virginia

When your commercial roof begins showing signs of damage, turn to the experts at Chase Commercial Roofing.  We proudly serve business owners and property managers in and around Norfolk, Virginia with quality roofing solutions.  With over two decades of experience, you can trust our team to be the commercial roofing company that will always have your best interest at heart.  When you’re ready for a free, professional no-obligation estimate, contact our office at 757-276-1110.

Roofing Troubles You May Face

No matter what type of roofing substrate you have atop your facility, it will eventually develop problems.   Some of the more common roofing issues include:

  • Leaking – There are numerous situations that can cause leaks to your commercial roof. Inadequate flashing, seams not properly secured, wind damage, and more.  If you notice a leak on your commercial roof, don’t wait!  Call our team so we can get your back to being water tight in no time.  You don’t want that pesky leak to continue to grow and cause more damage, so time is of the essence.
  • Tears or Punctures – Foot traffic, tree limbs and debris, and other outside influences can all cause your roofing membrane to be punctured or torn. If not handled properly, you might spring a leak!
  • Ponding Water – Ponding water that sits on your roofs membrane for over 48 hours can cause more than just structural damage. The extra water sitting on your roof can deteriorate your membrane, causing your roof to fail prematurely.
  • Pooling Water – Pooling water underneath the surface of your roofing membrane can also deteriorate your roof. It can also create leaks that destroy your insulation and the structure of your facility.  Both of these situations need to be addressed immediately.
  • Storm Damage – When a storm blows through town it is best to have your trusted roofing contractor inspect your roof to make sure it’s still performing as it should. We understand that insurance claims are stressful, but our team will be here to help you every step of the way.

Making sure your roof is properly maintained is paramount to its success.  If you notice anything out of the ordinary on your commercial roofing unit, it’s always best to call the professionals at Chase Commercial Roofing.  One of our dedicated technicians will provide you with solutions to get your roof back on track and functioning like new.  Call our office at 757-276-1110 and let us show you why we are the best commercial roofing company serving Norfolk, Virginia.