Commercial Roofing Contractor Newport News, Virginia

Hiring a professional commercial roofing contractor is crucial to allow your roof a long life while keeping your roofing costs low. A reliable roofer will take the time to listen to your roofing concerns, provide a no-obligation roof inspection, discuss your roofing options with you and do their best to ensure your roof meets or exceeds its projected life expectancy.

Chase Roofing has the necessary experience and has been a long-standing pillar in the Newport News, Virginia roofing industry. Let our team of experts provide the commercial roofing services your property requires. Call today to schedule an all-points roof inspection – (757) 872-0700.

Established Commercial Roofing Contractor

Many people are unsure exactly of what “storm chasers” are. They are unaware of the dangers of hiring a commercial roofing contractor that is not local and will not be around after the work has been completed. We have put together a list things to watch out for that will benefit homeowners and commercial property owners alike. Some red flags include:

  • A company that requires you to pay for all the work in advance is a warning.
  • Any legitimate commercial roofing contractor will gladly and immediately provide proof of licensing and insurance. If they cannot produce this documentation, take your business elsewhere.
  • Don’t be fooled by “once in a lifetime” offers or be bullied by aggressive sales tactics, particularly after damaging weather has rolled through the area.
  • Storm chasing roofing companies tend to prey upon businesses that have suffered extensive damage because they are concerned with having their assets repaired or replaced right away. It is a stressful time when your roof is damaged, but make sure you still take the time to do your homework and only hire a trusted, local commercial roofing contractor.
  • If a roofer is unwilling to provide a written contract detailing the scope of work and the price, move right along.
  • When they are unable to produce a company phone number or address, that is the first sign they are not an actual commercial roofing contractor.

You should never feel pressured to make a quick decision with your commercial roof. When you do your homework and make sure you are hiring a reputable commercial roofing contractor you are guaranteeing that your roof will be replaced or repaired correctly. Chase Roofing is an established Newport News, Virginia roofing company that is here for the long haul. We will be here long after the work has been completed and stand behind our commercial roofing services 100%.

If you would like more information about how to spot a reliable commercial roofing contractor, you can call us at (757) 872-0700.