Commercial Roofing Services Colonial Heights, VA

Chase Commercial Roofing is the top supplier of commercial roofing services for the people of Colonial Heights, VA. We offer free onsite roof evaluations to our local clients. Regardless of whether your roof needs a basic repair or a total roof replacement, give us a call at (757) 276-1110.

Roof Inspections

Getting your new roof assessed routinely is the main key to having an enduring roof. Chase Commercial Roofing will check the status of your roof’s surface, seams, and look for any ponding water. Our group is likewise adept at roof leak detection. We’ll recognize any holes, fix them up, and prevent significant issues from building up on your roof.

Roof Repairs

As a company with quite a long while of involvement in the commercial roofing industry, we can fix a wide range of issues on any type of roof. Our roofers are expertly prepared, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about providing clients with long-lasting roofs. Contract us to take care of business effectively on the initial visit so you can quit stressing over your roof.

Roof Coatings

There are quite a number of benefits to reinforcing your roof with a roof coating. To start, a roof coating is lightweight and easy-to-apply. This seamless layer shields your roof from rain, sleet, snow, and sun and can have it hold up for over 10 years longer. In addition, its reflectivity is conducive to a more energy-efficient building. We only use top roofing products!

Roof Replacements

When the unfortunate time comes where your roof can no longer be fixed or restored adequately, you can rely on Chase Commercial Roofing to replace your roof. We will install your new roof professionally and free from mistakes so that it will stay intact for several decades. Plus, as an established company that is not going anywhere, we’ll be just a quick phone call away when you need an inspection, repair, or any other type of roofing service.

Call Us Today!

For high-quality commercial roofing services, call Chase Commercial Roofing today at (757) 276-1110. We enjoy taking on new projects in Colonial Heights, VA. Once you call, we can set up a time to come by and give you a free onsite estimate.