Flat Roof Repair, Fredericksburg, VA

Is your commercial flat roof giving you problems? Maybe you’ve noticed signs of water damage on your interior ceiling, or maybe you observed water pooling in certain areas of your roof. Whatever the issue, Chase Commercial Roofing is equipped to handle it.

At Chase Commercial Roofing, we perform a complete list of roof repair services, including free, no obligation estimates, general repairs, roof coatings, maintenance services, leak detection, and even complete roof replacement, if needed. Chase Commercial Roofing is the number one full-service commercial roofing contractor in  Fredericksburg, VA, and the surrounding communities. Don’t trust your roofing asset to just anyone – call a company who is a member of Choice Roof Contractor Group, a nationwide group of roofers who uphold the highest industry standards. Call today to learn more about our commercial flat roof repair offerings: (757) 276-1110.

Common Flat Roof Repairs

Because of their low-slope design, flat roofs are susceptible to a host of common issues that can decrease performance and shorten service life:

1) Leaks

Anytime water sits on your roof for longer than 48 hours, it indicates a problem. Leaks are the most common problem we encounter with flat commercial roofs. As water ponds on your roof it can slowly eat away at your roofing material, seeping into miniscule seams, cracks, and tears, penetrating your roof’s underlying structure, leading to wood rot and insulation damage, not to mention mold.

2) Deterioration From Foot Traffic

You should keep foot traffic on your commercial roof to an absolute minimum. No matter what material your flat roof is comprised of, it’s not meant to have people walking across it regularly. A commercial roof has fasteners and other elements that a trained professional knows to avoid walking across. Uninformed visitors walking carelessly across your flat roof, dropping tools, etc. can lead to punctures and other premature issues.

3) Shrinkage

Many rubber roofs are prone to shrinkage. Constant exposure to the harsh rays of the sun and fluctuating temperatures can cause your flat roof membrane to expand and contract and pull away from walls and other roofing structures, opening your building up to moisture, air, and other destructive elements.

Honest, Friendly, Affordable Flat Roof Repair In Fredericksburg, VA

At Chase Commercial Roofing, we have built a reputation on honest, friendly, affordable commercial roof repair. We know your commercial flat roof represents a significant investment, and we are eager to keep it performing for as long as possible. That is why we only suggest replacement when absolutely necessary – if your roof has reached the end of its service life or if it was installed incorrectly in the first place.

In all other cases, you can trust our expertly trained roofing technicians to accurately and efficiently inspect, diagnose, and repair your roof. Every repair job we complete begins and ends with a thorough inspection to ensure all work is done to satisfaction. The professionals at Chase Commercial Roofing are trained experts in every type of flat roof material, from PVC and TPO to EPDM (rubber), modified bitumen, asphalt, and more! Call (757) 276-1110 today to see how we can help you!