Flat Roof Replacement Roanoke, Virginia

Have you been having repair the same leak over and over?  If so, that’s the surest sign that your roof is in need of replacement.  Here at Chase Commercial Roofing we are well aware that there is a great cost involved when replacing a commercial flat roof, that is why we will only suggest it when repairs will be more expensive over the long term.  We are experienced in all substrates of flat roof replacement, so when your facility is in need, you know you’ll be in good hands.

If you own a commercial or industrial facility in or around Roanoke, Virginia and are in need of a flat roof replacement, call our expert team at 757-276-1110.  On of our skilled technicians will be happy to conduct a professional and thorough roof inspection to determine if a flat roof replacement is actually necessary.  Don’t worry though, the inspection is always free!

Roofs are built to last decades; however, nothing lasts forever.  Even if the best materials were used, the best workmanship installed it, and you kept up with the best long-term maintenance, eventually a roof will be worn past it’s life expectancy.  When that day comes, you can trust Chase Commercial Roofing to help you through the process.

Chase Commercial Roofing – Your Replacement Specialists

There are numerous warning signs that your commercial or industrial roof needs replacement.  Some of them include:

  • Ponding water on the roofs surface
  • Pooling water underneath the roofs membrane
  • Bubbles or blisters
  • Cracks or tears
  • Weathering
  • Storm damage

In order to have a successful flat roof replacement, you must have quality materials and the best workmanship available.  When you call Chase Commercial Roofing at 757-276-1110 you will receive the following:

  • 20+ years roofing experience
  • Highly skilled workmanship performed by professionally trained technicians
  • Premium-grade Conklin roofing products
  • Quality warranties – including non-prorated options!

When your flat roof replacement is unavoidable, call the Chase Commercial Roofing team.  We will work diligently to minimize disruptions throughout the replacement process and provide you with a superior roof that lasts!  All it takes is a call to 757-276-1110 to get your new roof!  We look forward to hearing from you.