Roof Coating Hampton VA

Commercial roof coating in Hampton, VA is something that many business owners have heard of but may not be fully informed about. This post is designed to help you understand the basics of roof coating and to help you when making the decision to have roof coating installed on your commercial roof. The Chase Commercial Roofing can answer any of your commercial roofing questions now at 757-276-1110.

What Is Roof Coating?

Roof coating is a newcomer on the commercial roofing scene. It uses simple but completely effective technology to extend the life of your commercial roof and improve the functionality of your roof and is often a great alternative to roof replacement. This technology completely eliminates one of the most common roofing issues: leaks. This is accomplished by the use of a seamless structured membrane covering the roof. It has no fasteners and also requires no special attention to problem areas such as around pipes and vents.

Benefits Of Roof Coating In Hampton, VA

Roof coating not only makes leaks a thing of past, but it also is very energy-efficient. It is highly reflective and doesn’t absorb UV rays. This means that not only does your roof stay cooler, but your entire building will benefit and be easier to cool. This can result in an energy savings of up to 30%. This can be a really significant amount in terms of dollars in your pocket at the end of each month.

Straightforward Installation

A quick and simple installation process saves you time and money. We install and repair metal, EPDM (rubber), PVC, TPO, spray foam, built-up, and modified bitumen roofing materials. Which roof coating is right for you will depend on the age of your roof and your building and also how much energy savings you would like. Depending on which roof coating best suits your needs, it will be sprayed or rolled on and doesn’t require a massive removal of the existing roofing material.

Roof coatings will extend the life of your roof for 15-20 years or longer and can be applied again for continued roof life expectancy. Chase Commercial Roofing can inspect your roof for problems and also make any repairs that may be needed before applying your roof coating. A roof inspection will also help us to advise you as to which roof coating is best for your specific situation. We also offer roof maintenance which will prolong the life of your roof even more.

Chase Commercial Roofing uses the superior Conklin roofing materials. Our professionally trained technicians and our 20+ years in the industry will give you the peace of mind that your roof is in good hands. Call Chase Roofing today at 757-276-1110 for your free, no-obligation assessment of your commercial roof.