Roof Coating Hampton, Virginia

At Chase Roofing, we have an impressive 20+ years of industry experience and proudly serve Hampton, Virginia. Our goal is to provide long lasting roofing services that are affordable and dependable to all our clients. This is why we supply roof coatings.  We put a stop to frustrating roofing issues one roof coating at a time.

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Replacement, Repair or Coating? That is the Question

Commercial roofs are designed with one thing in mind – longevity. Building owners and property managers want a roofing system that will stand the test of time without the constant need for repairs. That being said, even the most durable of roofing type can develop problems if neglected. There are so many outside forces that determine the success of your roof – mother nature, faulty installation or improper design can all add up to a subpar roof.

Repairs and replacements can be major decisions for your roof and can greatly impact your maintenance budget. Coatings are a cost-effective and can solve a variety of roofing issues.

Questions to Consider

Some roofing issues are minor and do not require extensive work. In other instances, a roof requires much more substantial services such as a commercial roof replacement. Whatever your roof needs, minor repairs or a total replacement, a roof coating is an excellent choice once that work has been completed.

Some questions to consider when finding the best solution for your commercial property include:

  1. Are you interested in a keeping maintenance costs low?
  2. Have you been looking for a non-disruptive roofing process?
  3. Would you like a long-term roofing solution for your building?
  4. Is your company looking for a more economically friendly roofing option?
  5. Are you looking to lower your annual energy costs by as much as 30%?
  6. Have you heard of the best way to lengthen the life of your existing roof?
  7. Looking for a premium waterproofing solution?
  8. Are you interested in a roof that is ENERGY STAR ® certified?

These are just a few of the questions to discuss with your commercial roofing contractor. A knowledgeable roofing technician will be able to discuss your roofs ability to be coated and the many ways you will directly benefit from a roof coating.

If you would like to learn more about your roofing options available to your Hampton, Virginia commercial property call Chase Roofing today. You can reach us at (757) 872-0700.