Roof Coating Norfolk, VA

The Revitalizing Touch of Coatings

Roof coatings restore strength and vigor!  Chase Roofing, LLC is committed to extend the life, function, and vitality of your ageing roof by delivering efficient roof coatings in Norfolk, VA. Call us today at 757-276-1110 and transform your ageing roof into one that looks and operates with youthful zest!

For 20+ years, Chase Roofing, LLC has delivered sterling roofing services in and around Norfolk, Yorktown, Hampton, Newport News, Grafton, Poquoson, Jamestown, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Seaford, and Tabb in Virginia.

Our strong reputation stems from our use of top-grade Conklin roofing products, exceptional workmanship, and courteous customer service delivered within the tightest of budgets and deadlines.

Diligent & Honest: Chase Roofing, LLC

Chase Roofing, LLC never makes unreasonably tall promises. Call us at 757-276-1110 for roof coatings in Norfolk, VA and our roofing professionals will conduct a free roof inspection and educate you about your roof coating options.

Here are a few dos and don’ts on the expectations from roof coatings:

  • Do select a trusted roofing contractor for roof coatings
    Don’t expect roof coatings to solve all our roofing problems
  • Do expect roofing contractors to repair your moderately-aged roof
    Don’t expect roof coatings to restore the life and function of a roof well past its service life
  • Do conduct regular roofing inspections
    Don’t neglect routine maintenance as this is the surest way to invite roofing problems

Chase Roofing, LLC employs a time-tested, systematic procedure for roof coatings:

  • Surface preparation
  • Fixing roofing issues that affect the efficacy of coatings
  • Specialist application of coating

Applied by our factory-trained roofing personnel, market-leading Conklin coatings:

  • Create a seamless membrane over your roof that shields against leaks, lashing rains, hurricane-force winds, thunderstorms, snow, fire, and mechanical impact
  • Extend your roof’s life by 20-25 years
  • Lower annual A/C energy bills by 30% (maximum) by reflecting up to 85% sunrays
  • Make you eligible for tax cuts through such energy savings
  • Minimize maintenance costs and hassles
  • Do not count as an additional layer in Building Codes
  • Pay for themselves in 5-7 years
  • Normally, eliminate the need for roof replacement and thereby save at least 50% costs
  • Do not add weight to your roof

Roof Coatings: Your Roof’s Energy Drink

If you are trying to find the best possible roofing solution, consider the following questions. Do you want:

  • To minimize roof maintenance costs
  • A roofing process that does not disrupt your business operations
  • Long-term solutions
  • Budget savings
  • ENERGY STAR certified roofs that cut annual A/C energy bills by up to 30%
  • To extend the useful life of your roof
  • Premium waterproofing solutions

Roof coatings answer a firm yes to these questions. Call Chase Roofing, LLC at 757-276-1110 for roof coating in Norfolk, VA and we will provide a fresh lease of life to your middle-aged roof.