Roof Inspection, Danville VA

The National Roofing Contractors Association suggests having a professional inspect your roof twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall. Regular evaluation from a licensed, knowledgeable technician can help catch problems early on, prevent further damage, and create a record of your roof’s condition.

At Chase Commercial Roofing, we offer FREE, all-inclusive roof inspections among our full lineup of roofing services. If you are interested in making sure your roof is performing at optimal levels, give us a call today at (757) 276-1110. We serve Danville, VA, and the surrounding communities.

The Chase Commercial Roofing Inspection Process

Chase Commercial Roofing is a member of Choice Roof Contractors, a nationwide network of professionals dedicated to providing accountable, high quality roofing services. Our commitment to value means we complete in-depth roof inspections with your needs and goals in mind. Here is a brief overview of our process:

1) Do our research, to make sure we don’t cause any greater harm. This may include:

  • Determining if your roof has any active warranties, which may limit what products we can use on it.
  • Looking at existing building records.
  • Speaking to building owners, property managers, and building occupants to gain as much information as possible about known issues.

2) Examine the roof’s interior.

This may include looking for signs of deterioration: rust, corrosion, leaks, wet insulation, signs of sagging, cracks, mold, rot, uneven planes, etc. We’ll also check to make sure any work that was done previously was completed properly.

3) Inspect the rooftop.

Some of the things we look for include:

  • Condition of the drain system
  • General condition of the roofing system
  • Presence of standing water, debris, vegetation, etc.
  • State of the roof perimeter and roof field (counter flashings, base flashings, coping, joints, etc.)
  • Stability of rooftop accessories and equipment

After the inspection is complete, one of Chase Commercial Roofing’s qualified technicians will give you a detailed report that includes recommended solutions. This service is always free, with no obligation and no pressure to purchase.

Does My Roof Need An Inspection?

There are many reasons why you may want to schedule a commercial roof inspection with Chase Commercial Roofing:

  • Damaged roof system
  • New roof system installation
  • Extreme weather event
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Warranty repairs
  • Insurance assessment
  • And more!

If you think your roof would benefit from a professional inspection, reach out today – after all, it’s free!

Request Your Free Inspection

We at Chase Commercial Roofing are eager to schedule you for your free, comprehensive inspection today. We employ the best in the industry and uses the latest technology to quickly and accurately assess your commercial roof and help you get it back to tip-top shape. Call us at (757) 276-1110 to speak with one of our friendly, courteous service technicians or fill out on online form on our Contact page.

Our office hours are Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and Saturday by appointment. We try to respond as quickly as possible, so expect to hear back within 48 hours of submitting your request.