Roof Inspection Newport News, Virginia

Neglecting a roof can lead to premature replacement, loss of revenue and potentially damaged inventory. This is a fact we know all too well at Chase Roofing and why we believe routine roof inspections are the best way to protect your roof. Industry studies show that a roof benefits from scheduled roof inspections in the spring, fall and any time after extreme weather conditions.

If you are unable to remember your last roof inspection, don’t hesitate to contact the Chase Roofing team at (757) 872-0700. We deliver our exceptional and thorough roof inspection services throughout the Newport News, Virginia community.

What Do We Look For?

  1. Vegetation – Addressing your gutters and roof to ensure that vegetation hasn’t begun to sprout. This is typically an issue in heavily wooded areas with overhanging limbs.
  2. Damaged flashing – Flashings that are not installed correctly or have been damaged can allow water and moisture under your roofing membrane.
  3. Drainage – If you have the wrong gutters or drains water will not run off of your roof correctly. We will also ensure that gutters are free of blockage that could impede the flow of water.
  4. Storm damage – Just like with any damage, some signs are more noticeable. When mother nature comes calling it is in your best interest to ensure Chase Roofing is on your side.
  5. Ponding water – Areas of your roof that hold water need to be addressed straight away. Standing water adds unnecessary weight to your structure and can greatly weaken your roofing system.
  6. Trapped moisture and debris – Moisture and debris that has become trapped under your roofing membrane will do nothing but cause damage. These are both things that are thoroughly addressed during a routine roof inspection.
  7. Skylights and roof vents – Any points of penetration on your roof can create a multitude of problems. Whether it is from incorrect flashing or improper installation our team will make sure these issues are addressed accordingly.

Roof Inspection

Working with an experienced commercial roofing contractor that is well versed in your type of roofing system is important for the longevity and success of your roof. This will ascertain that the correct steps are taken to solve your roofing troubles. With Chase Roofing and our extensive history in the roofing industry, you can rest easy when we’re on the job. There is nothing our technicians haven’t seen, repaired and improved.

For a roof inspection of your Newport News, Virginia roofing asset, call today. You can reach us at (757) 872-0700.