Rubber Roof Repair Manassas, VA

Chase Commercial Roofing works on all types of commercial roofs. Being that rubber roofs are one of the most common kinds of commercial roofs out there, our team has plenty of experience finding rubber roof leaks and repairing them. The sooner a leaking rubber roof is repaired, the less it’s going to cost you. When you notice that something is wrong with your roof, call Chase Commercial Roofing today at (757) 276–1110 to get a quality rubber roof repair.

Experienced Craftsmen

There are no shortcuts when it comes to roofing. It takes years of experience to develop the kind of knowledge that is necessary to provide roofing services of consistent quality. The Chase Commercial Roofing team is made up of experienced roofers who are committed to getting the job done the right way.

Roof Leak Detection

A lot of commercial roofing contractors fail to repair roof leaks simply because they didn’t actually find the source of the leak. Our roof leak detection is unmatched. We check rubber roofs thoroughly so that every problem is addressed by the time we are finished.

Common Rubber Roof Issues

Rubber roofs are laid out in wide strips which makes for fewer seams. However, the seams that are present are often susceptible to leaking, especially as the roof starts to age. That’s why we pay close attention to the seams to check for any seam separation.

There is also always the possibility of holes in the membrane. These can be difficult to spot. We check the surface of a rubber roof thoroughly to find any problem areas. With low slope roofs, ponding water may develop. This ponding water can cause significant damage when left unaddressed. No matter the issue, the Chase Commercial Roofing team will find the best and most cost-effective solution.

Call Us Today!

A leaking roof should be dealt with as soon as possible. The people of Manassas, VA can reach out to Chase Commercial Roofing at (757) 276–1110 to get a rubber roof repair. Other than repairs, we also offer roof coatings, roof replacements, and more. Clients can count on us for fair prices and timely project completion.