Rubber Roof Repair Norfolk, Virginia

Need your rubber roof repaired in Norfolk, Virginia?  If so, trust the experts at Chase Commercial Roofing.  We provide rubber roof repair services to business owners in and around Norfolk, Virginia.  We would be happy to provide a free, no-obligation roof inspection to determine whether your rubber roof is in need of repairs.  Call us today at 757-276-1110 to learn more.

Common Rubber Roofing Issues

Faulty installation or improper workmanship.  A rubber roof that is not correctly installed has a drastically higher chance of developing costly issues.  This could severely impact its life expectancy.

Leaks.  No matter what type of roofing substrate you have, when you have a leak, you have a problem.  It is important to handle the leaks immediately to ensure they do not spread and cause additional damage.

Ponding water.  This is a sure-fire way to quickly destroy your roofing asset.  Water that sits stagnant on your roof for 48 hours after rain can be caused from improper drainage or installation.  It creates several points for water to enter your facility.  It can also rot away an entire section of your roof!

Tears and punctures.  A few things that can puncture your roofing membrane include over-hanging limbs, high amounts of foot traffic, and storm damage.  This allows debris and moisture to become trapped underneath.

Membrane shrinkage.  As your roof ages, weathering can cause shrinkage.  Having your roof regularly inspected can help mitigate shrinkage problems before they wreak havoc on the rest of your building.

Blow-offs.  If your roofing asset was not properly installed, you might experience a blow-off.  Improper flashing, seams not sufficiently cured, or membranes that aren’t properly adhered can all put your roof at risk.

If your rubber roof is exhibiting any of these issues, don’t wait!  Call one of our experts today.  We’ll happily inspect your roof and provided a detailed explanation of your options.

Rubber Roof Repair Estimate

When you need your rubber roof repairs handled proficiently and swiftly, trust the team at Chase Commercial Roofing.  Let’s get your roof back on the right track.  Call us today to schedule your free estimate.  We will suggest a course of action tailored to your roofs unique needs.  You can reach our office at 757-276-1110.  We look forward to speaking with you!