Rubber Roof Repair Roanoke, VA

Worried about your leaking or torn rubber roof? Discover the benefits of REPAIRING rather than REPLACING your EPDM commercial rubber roof. There are relatively few options available for solutions for flat-roof roofing material. However, Rubber Roof Repair Roanoke, VA utilizes the skills of its experts and benefits of EPDM to do the job!

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer has been the most satisfied choice of customers for years. The reasons are clear; the synthetic rubber with a high ethylene content is used in roofs that magically bonds the seals together. The Team of Chase Roofing calls this the “magic bullet” and considers EPDM roofing replacement as a wonderful choice – for years to come.

Renovation is Economical

Just like the majority of other building owners, you might believe that replacing an old roofing system is more economical as compared to repairing it. We, at Chase Commercial Roofing, believe and prove the opposite. Rubber roof repair with EPDM using elastomeric coating can protect the entire system and ensures it lasts for many other years to come.

This not only helps safeguard the structure, but also adds an appeal to the building. Most significantly the overall cost is reduced by thousands, in comparison to the cost of material bought and labor for a new system installation.

Renovation Assures a Justifiable Approach

Restoration supports sustainability, and this is why the majority of building owners favor environmental strategies for managing their buildings. Repair of older materials rather than full replacement helps improve the already in-use material and emits processing of the new. By simply repairing the rubber roof with EPDM rubber roofing system, building owners showcase their commitment to environmentalism while Chase Commercial Roofing helps them achieve a high-performance roofing structure.

Why the US vs. the Competition

  • Chase Commercial Roofing team provides you with all the material and details you need to feel assured when choosing the EPDM repair system.
  • We have been asked if rubber roof repair with EPDM is really reliable. The answer is yes. In fact, the renovation system helps you not only achieve better but also helps you save.
  • For the ones with flat rubber roofs, EPDM rubber roofing repair protects their roofs from ponding water year round!
  • Conklin Roof Products single coat application is certified for providing 6 times thicker coating to last for years.
  • This ends the worry of yearly seam inspection.
  • Since the products have met rigorous energy standards, therefore resistant to the most extreme temperatures is guaranteed.

Whether you need minor roof repairs, full replacement, or an economical roof repair, we at Chase Commercial Roofing are just a call away! Chase Commercial Roofing is available at (757) 276-1110!