Single Ply Roofing Portsmouth, Virginia

When it comes to large commercial projects or industrial buildings, single-ply roofing is a popular choice. Most commercial buildings in Portsmouth, VA, use this type of roofing because of its reliability. We at Chase Commercial Roofing are experts in commercial roofing and we’d like to tell you why we recommend and install single-ply roofing. We offer free estimates, so dial (757) 276-1110 today, and let us help you.

Single-Ply Roofing: Proven Long-Term Performance

Singly-ply is a flexible and versatile roofing material. Not only is it waterproof, but it is also readily and widely available. For these reasons and many others, single-ply roofing is a great choice for use in commercial buildings. Designing roofs involves consideration of various factors including thermal efficiency, durability, and pressure. The weather tolerance and waterproof features of single-ply roofing make it an extremely appealing choice. Our team recommends using this kind of roofing material for commercial buildings that require sustainable roofs. While they are durable, single-ply roofs (like any other roof) will require maintenance and repair services occasionally, and when that happens, Chase Commercial Roofing will be on the job.

Types of Single-Ply Membrane

There are many different types of single-ply roofing membranes, and we recommend selecting one that fits the scope of your commercial building. The weather in Portsmouth, VA, can be harsh at times, so it is important that you invest in a roof that is safe and has proven longevity. Single-ply roofs can withstand harsh weather and are easy to maintain. We use materials like:

  • PVC – Polyvinyl chloride
  • EPDM – Ethylene propylene diene monomer
  • TPO – Thermoplastic polyolefin
  • TPE – Thermoplastic polyolefin elastomer

Cost Effective Investment

If you are looking for a roof system that is affordable and, at the same time, easy to maintain, then single-ply roofing is ideal. The materials used in creating single-ply roofing make it a very cost effective roof in the long-term:

  • PVC roofs remain a popular option because of their flexibility. PVC withstands damage and is lightweight. And, if your roof is curved, PVC works well with joints.
  • EPDM is an environmentally friendly roof option and tolerates heat well. It may not have the same aesthetic appeal as some other single-ply options, but it is extremely durable.
  • TPO roofing is flexible but can be a bit difficult to install, requiring hot air welding. TPO is very flexible, expanding and contracting with weather extremes, lessening the stress to your underlying roof.
  • TPE is more next-generation and offers other benefits like attractiveness, a smooth surface, and are ease of welding. TPE installation is free of any solvent, and a simple hot soapy wash is all that’s needed to keep it clean.

If you’re considering single-ply roofing, call the experts at Chase Commercial Roofing at (757) 276-1110.