Roof Inspection Alexandria, Virginia

Have you noticed that your roof is starting to show signs of issues?  Perhaps you’ve noticed leaks, cracks, ponding water, or other issues.  If your building asset is in Alexandria, Virginia or the surrounding areas, give Chase Commercial Roofing a call to schedule a roof inspection.  We will work diligently to enhance the value of your roofing asset.  With a routine inspection program, we can detect troublesome areas before they become a larger, costly headache.

When you schedule an inspection, one of our roofing specialists will thoroughly examine your facility.  They will check each part of your roof and make not of its condition.  Then, upon completion they will provide you with a detailed report on your roof’s current condition, and recommend solutions based on your roof’s current needs.

When you’re ready to schedule your roof inspection, call our office today at 757-276-1110.

The Value of Roof Inspections

Regular, scheduled roof inspections offer extreme value to your facility.  They minimize roof damage, and when couple with a maintenance program, you will minimize your roofing costs.  Having your roof on a regularly scheduled inspection and maintenance program helps your company by:

  • Establishing a roof history
  • Maintaining roofing-related paperwork
  • Regular, updated roof evaluations
  • Creates documentation that aids with insurance claims
  • Prevents expensive damage by detecting issues in their early stages
  • Lower cost in roofs life-cycle
  • Helps avoid premature replacement

All of these reasons should be reason enough to have your roof on a regular inspection program.  However, if you aren’t convinced here is one additional reason why you should.  After a new roof is installed on your facility, most major manufacturers require regular inspections on your roof to keep your warranty valid.  This allows them to determine the cause of roofing issues immediately.

As your roof deteriorates, roofing issues may be difficult to diagnose.  That is why it is best to keep a documented roof history that keeps everything detailed and in line.

Turn to the Experts

The team at Chase Commercial Roofing offers customized inspection packages for our valued clients throughout Virginia.  Whether you have one single building or multiple facilities, we are here to assist you every step of the way.  Call us today at 757-276-1110 to learn how you can increase the value of your roofing asset.

We look forward to helping you.