Rubber Roof Repair Richmond VA

Has winter’s cold and summer’s heat hit your rubber roof hard these last few years? Is your commercial or industrial roof beginning to show its age? If you are in Richmond, Virginia, or the surrounding area, you can trust your rubber roof to the care of Chase Roofing. In our climate, rubber roofs take a beating and need regular care from an experienced, reputable professional. If you are in Richmond, Virginia, or the surrounding area and your rubber roof needs repaired, call Chase Roofing today at (757) 276-1110.  Our team is here to make sure your roof is on the right track.

Rubber Roofs – Durable and Long-lasting

EPPDM, or rubber, roofs are incredibly strong and durable. They can also withstand building movement – and all with very little maintenance. In addition, they offer a long lifespan and easy installation. However, like every type of roof, rubber roofs have their problems. Typical signs of trouble on rubber roofs include tears, blisters, ponding water, UV damage, cracks or bubbles, leaks and storm damage. Building owners should watch for these and other signs of problems.  If you have noticed any of these on your roofing asset, call a professional contractor immediately.

Regular Inspections Are the Key to Long Life

It’s extremely important to get regular inspections and maintenance if you want to keep your rubber roof in good shape for years to come. Many small problems require a trained eye to find. Undetected, small problems can turn into big headaches. A tiny leak can soon ruin insulation, risk exposing your employees to black mold and, sooner or later, will compromise your entire building structure. That is why it’s so important to get your roof inspected on a regular basis – and to take care of any problems while they are still small. Every rubber roof needs regular inspection and maintenance. Call Chase Roofing today to schedule a no-obligation inspection today. Your roof will thank you!

If you need a rubber roof repair in Richmond, Virginia, or the surrounding area, give Chase Roofing a call today: (757) 276-1110.