Roof Inspection Hampton, VA

A roof inspection in Hampton, VA is needed prior to repairs or replacement and before a roof coating is applied. Roof inspections are also a part of a regular maintenance routine designed to spot and prevent any problems with your roof before they become serious. Chase Commercial Roofing provides comprehensive commercial roof inspections. If you are interested in a free roofing assessment and evaluation today, you can call us at 757-276-1110.

A roofing inspection could potentially save you thousands in costly repairs from problems that have been let go because they were unnoticed. In some cases, regular roofing inspections are needed in order to comply with the specifications of your roof warranty. It is recommended that you have a complete and detailed inspection of your commercial roof twice a year. Scheduling your inspections ahead of time is a good way to ensure that they are not overlooked or forgotten. A roof inspection in Hampton, VA can prolong the life of your roof by years.

What The Inspector Looks For During An Inspection

  • Structural damage to the building itself that could cause roof problems
  • Any deficiencies in the membrane such as splits, blisters, or punctures
  • Issues with the water drainage system that are keeping it from functioning properly
  • The flashing, roof edge, and control joints will all be examined
  • An assessment of any issues that could cause problems in the future will be made
  • A check for leaks or signs of leaks will be made both interior and exterior
  • A detailed, written evaluation of the findings will be given to you upon the completion of the inspection

There are a few signs that your roof needs an inspection. If it is older than 10 years old or you have no record of the last inspection, you should schedule an inspection right away. If there are standing pools of water on your roof or when a damaging storm has just passed through the area, an inspection is recommended.

Chase Commercial Roofing conducts commercial roofing inspections in Hampton, VA, and the surrounding area. So, whether you are interested in roof repair, new installation, or roof coating, at the foundation of every roofing project is an extensive and detailed roof inspection. Our technicians are carefully trained in precision, accuracy, and attention to detail, so you can know that nothing will be missed. Call Chase Commercial Roofing today at 757-276-1110 and let a professional take a look at your roof.