Roof Inspection Portsmouth, Virginia

If you neglect your commercial or industrial roof you can not only need a roof replacement sooner than expected, you can also lose revenue, and potentially have damaged inventory.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen it too many times where a facility owner did not have the proper maintenance done on a roof, and it cause catastrophic events.  That is why at Chase Roofing we believe that it is important to have your roof on a routine inspection program, so minor maintenance items can be addressed before they turn into a headache.

Industry studies have shown time after time that commercial facilities benefit greatly from regular roof inspections – specifically in the spring and in the fall.  We also highly suggest you have your roof inspected after any severe weather conditions.

When you’re ready to schedule your roof inspection, call our office at (757) 276-1110.  We’re eager and ready to help your Portsmouth, Virginia roof.

Inspection Checklist

There are numerous things that we look for during our thorough roof inspection.  A few of these include:

  • Condition of your roof membrane – we’ll make sure there is no accelerated damage from UV rays, no debris that has punctured the roof, no tears or blisters, and no cracking.
  • Flashing – We’ll inspect your flashing to make sure that it was properly installed and still functioning to deter water from penetrating your roof system.
  • Drainage – Your gutters and drains that are not functioning properly can cause water to stand on the roof. We will ensure that your gutters and drains are free of debris and working as they should.
  • Ponding water – Water that stays on your roof for 48 hours without evaporating or draining off is a large problem. We will address this immediately if we notice it.
  • Growing Vegetation – In heavily wooded areas it is common for vegetation to start growing in drains and in gutters. We’ll make sure that this is not a problem for your commercial roof.
  • Skylights and roof vents – We’ll inspect all points of penetration on your roof to make sure they are sealed properly.

When you have Chase Roofing inspecting your property, you can rest assure that you are in good hands.  Call us today at (757) 276-1110 to request your roof inspection!